How Quickly Can You Earn an Online MBA?

How Quickly Can You Earn an Online MBA?

Amidst the several incredible benefits of pursuing an online MBA, the flexibility and convenience it offers are some of the most compelling. While a traditional MBA degree takes two years to complete, students enrolled in an online program can benefit from flexible options to complete their MBA as quickly or as slowly as they like. This is especially beneficial for working professionals with a demanding schedule and others looking to advance their career as quickly as possible. Online MBA programs cater to every student’s varying needs; a student can choose how much time they want to spend completing their degree. Here are the options you can choose from – read on and explore.

Full-Time MBA

Average Time for Completion: 2 Years

A full-time online MBA program mirrors a traditional on-campus degree and takes the same amount time to complete. A student can expect to complete the degree within two full years. The course is divided into four semesters, and the student is required to take two semesters each academic year. However, students without any prior education in finance, accounting, economics, and management might have to invest an extra semester to catch up with the program.

Part-Time MBA

Average Time for Completion: 3+ Years

Working professionals with a demanding schedule often choose to go with a part-time MBA program. This reduces the pressure to juggle a full-time job and learning. Compared to full-time students, those who enroll in a part-time degree take longer to complete their course. The classes are held either during the evening/night or over the weekend so that they don’t interfere with students’ jobs. The course load also depends on how much they can handle each semester.

Executive MBA

Average Time for Completion: 3 Years

Only professionals with executive or managerial experience and have significant industry knowledge are eligible for an executive MBA. The course is tailored to suit the requirements of busy professionals with demanding work commitments that keep them from taking on the course load of a standard four-semester, two-year program. The relaxed pace of the program enables the student to balance their professional and academic life effortlessly.

Accelerated MBA

Average Time for Completion: 1+ Year

Students who plan to earn their MBA and advance their career quickly can take advantage of accelerated MBA programs. These programs increase the pace of the course by cutting the break times in between semesters. The course material is delivered in a much more rapid and intensive manner in order to decrease the average time it takes to graduate. The student receives a degree within 18 months; however, this time frame may vary depending on the university.

Dual MBA Programs

Average Time for Completion: 3+ Years

Dual MBA programs are another option for students looking to climb the ladder in the professional world as quickly as possible. The program enables students to earn an MBA simultaneously with another related degree. Students have the option of incorporating business courses into their Master’s degree curriculum.

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