Helping Victims of Family Violence

Helping Victims of Family Violence

One of the most prevalent crimes in America today is that of family violence. According to statistics, more than 16 percent of American couples have experienced a physical assault. While it is not always involved, emergency responders such as police officers and emergency room physicians will say that it is involved in a very high percentage of these incidents.

The family is considered to be an organization that if there are indications in violence in any part of that organization, that violence will permeate throughout the entire organization. If there indication of abuse of the wife, it is almost certain that there is child abuse involved and vice versa. Also, sadly, if the family pet is being abused, it is almost certain that the family inside the home is being abused as well.

There are many ways to help children and women cope or escape the violence and abuse. First, understand and learn about the family dynamics. You need to understand the dynamics of why a woman may be unwilling to leave the abuse situation. Also understand that the chances that a woman who leaves an abusive situation increases her chances of being killed dramatically. Divorced and separated women are only 10 percent of all women. However, this group accounts for 75 percent of the total of battered women and these women report battery rates 14 times more than those women who stay with their partners.

Other ways to help include working with shelters so there are safe havens for women and children escaping abuse. You can also work with local child protection agencies to help children of abuse cope with their situation. Learn to create a plan to help women leave their situations safely. You can also learn to teach children from abusive situations anger control, conflict resolution and other coping skills that will help them in both present and future situations.

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